XRP Community

If you're looking for info about the decentralised digital asset XRP and the company Ripple, we suggest visiting the Ripple FAQ page.



Another invaluable source of info is the huge, friendly and knowledgeable XRP Community - #xrpcommunity.

On Twitter? Follow these guys to get the latest news and views. Including great info on the complicated technical stuff. Oh, they're also good at FUD busting!

@bgarlinghouse CEO of Ripple.

@Hodor7777 One of the best bloggers. Get your coffee ready!

@XRPTrump FUD busting at it's finest

@ThinkingCrypto1 Great for daily news and views.

@haydentiff  Always there to fight the never ending FUD

@JoelKatz CTO at Ripple. Say no more.

@RobertLe88 Chief tipper

 @XRP.clothing That's us.





Youtubers are a great and handy source of information. These are some of our favourites. In no particular order! They all have different approaches, personalites and are a huge asset (not as big as XRP) to the XRP and crypto community.

Thinking Crypto


DM Logic's XRPhilosophy

Esoteric Trading Solutions

Cryptocurrency Explained